What’s a Yarsoft?

You may be wondering what’s with the whole ‘Yarsoft’ thing and all.  “It sounds like some mid-90’s software company!” or “Wasn’t there some cartoon about a lobster here before?” are thoughts that may come to mind.  (Yes, and yes, btw).  So what exactly is the history of Yarsoft, and what is the purpose of the site?
Back in early 90’s, I needed a screen-name for AOL.  A cool one, without a bunch of letters and numbers at the end because eleventy-billion other people chose the same name.  Yarharhar was the first phrase that I liked that met said criteria.  Soon, I designed a little piratey character to go along with the name, with the goal that I would one day make a video game with him (that is a goal I will achieve one day).  And if this little piratey guy was to have a game, there would have to be a studio or company to make it.  Thus, a software company with the sole purpose of making a Yarharhar game was formed: Yarsoft.

Over time, as I worked on various programming projects and cartoons, the site became more or less a repository of whatever I was working on at the moment.  Of course, this was all developed in static html and flash from a 16 year old, so it was repository that wasn’t easy to maintain, back up, or that aged well.

My desire to work on solo projects and blog regularly gave me the motivation to bring it back in a much more modern, update-able form.  Thus, its new purpose is to act as a development blog for my solo-projects, and for whatever other topics I feel like delving into.  It will also be here to showcase the projects I finish, and eventually even some of content from the old site.

So keep your eyes on this page, there’ll be lots of goodies here soon!

3 Responses to “What’s a Yarsoft?”

  1. Josi says:

    It’s certainly not the right place for this question – sorry – but I read the tutorial about “Making Ridable Creatures” (in Oblivion).
    A link for the “The Oblivion Mount Project Animation Warper” is referenced to your site, but there is no program.
    I really want to cope with this mounting and riding thing! Do you have this program? Or can you tell how to do this step (with the animation-mergin) by hand?

    Thanks very much for your help. I really looking forward to your reply.

  2. Oh, hey. I have the file around here somewhere, I’ll fix the link

  3. Josi says:

    Many thanks again!
    I don’t know how, but now everything finally works as expected in my mod. ¦..) *soglad*

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